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Cancer treatment: 9 tips for coping

Today, due to significant advances in medical research, many forms of cancer are now treatable. But even though it may be treatable, undergoing chemotherapy or radiation can still take its toll on the body, most noticeably in the form of fatigue, hair loss or nausea. Staff with the Saint Thomas Health Cancer Program offer a few tips on how to better take care of yourself when undergoing cancer treatment. 


  1. Prioritize your tasks. You don’t need to get everything done in one day.
  2. Ask friends and family to help with household chores and tasks.
  3. Take daytime naps. 

Hair Loss

  1. Maximize the fullness of remaining hair with a shorter haircut.
  2. Purchase fun hats, scarves or wigs.
  3. Apply sunscreen to your scalp if spending time outdoors. 


  1. Drink clear liquids such as apple juice, tea, or flat ginger ale.
  2. Eat smaller meals at more frequent intervals.
  3. Take prescription anti-nausea medication as directed. 

Each day, every day, the Saint Thomas Health Cancer Program utilizes innovative cancer treatments, integrated therapies and comprehensive education and prevention in the battle against cancer. Through this advanced, patient-centered approach, we're giving hope to thousands across Middle Tennessee and winning the war against cancer — one patient at a time. 

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