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Baptist Hospital offers new menu of birth options

Traditional childbirth methods seem to be old-school for many expectant mothers these days, and Baptist Hospital is excited to be offering mothers a menu of options when it comes to new birthing methods.  From tub labor to family-centered cesareans, mothers can work with their physicians to choose birthing methods right for them.

Baptist Hospital is now proud to offer: 

  • Tub Labor - Tub labor is an up and coming trend among expectant mothers.  It is a more relaxing way for mothers to go through the labor process making contractions a little more bearable.  Often confused with a water birth, with this method the baby is delivered outside of a tub.  With a tub labor the mother is immersed into warm water to ease labor pains and then moves to a bed for the delivery.  

  • Family-Centered Cesarean - You wouldn’t expect to hear the words ‘natural’ and ‘cesarean’ used together, but at Baptist Hospital you do.  For mothers who have their heart set on having a natural childbirth, and end up having to undergo a cesarean section, they no longer have to completely forego the natural birthing method.  A natural, or family-centered, cesarean allows mothers to remember their baby’s first day into the world. The family-centered cesarean differs from the normal cesarean in many ways. In a normal cesarean, ECG dots are placed on the mother’s chest in order to monitor her vitals and a curtain is placed above her abdomen so that she does not have to watch the surgery. In a family-center cesarean, the medical team puts the ECG dots on the mother’s back so her chest is free to hold the newborn upon delivery. Also, the family can choose to drop the curtain once the baby’s head emerges in order the baby being delivered. Another change to the standard cesarean includes the “walking” of the baby out of the womb slowly and waiting for the umbilical cord to stop pulsing before clamping it. The advantage to “walking” the baby out allows the fluid to be squeezed from the lungs, similar to what happens during a vaginal delivery. Waiting to clamp the umbilical cord is considered beneficial because it allows more blood and nutrients to be transferred to the newborn.

  • Skin-to-Skin - Skin-to-Skin is another amenity Baptist Hospital is offering mothers. This involves the baby being placed on the mothers chest bare bodied and directly following the birth.  Along with many other benefits, it is said to improve breastfeeding, maintain body temperature better than an incubator, and reduce crying. 

  • Doula - Baptist Hospital is also proud to now offer doula services to their mothers.  For those that don’t know, a doula or a “labor coach” is with the mother before and after labor for both emotional and physical support.  A doula is a non-medical personal, but is trained to be by the mother’s side during the child birthing process.    

Along with the above methods, Baptist Hospital offers many other amenities including: 

  • Nitrous Oxide available for childbirth pain
  • OB dedicated anesthesiologist 24/7
  • Experienced OB Hospitalist available 24/7
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine (high-risk OB specialist)
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Level III
  • Limited separation between mom and baby
  • One dedicated nurse for both mom and baby
  • Cuddle Time (quiet time)
  • Breastfeeding support 7 days a week
  • Lactation Boutique
  • Nursery available at mom’s request
  • Child birth preparation classes
  • Breastfeeding Support Group
  • Sibling Classes
  • Safe Sleep Education
  • Outpatient Lactation Services 

Baptist Hospital provides these amenities to make the special day enjoyable, comfortable and safe for both mother and baby.  In addition, they also have a highly skilled staff that supports high risk pregnancies to ensure that their patients have access to the latest in advanced, urgent care while still enjoying the comfort and security for which the program is renowned.

For more informatino, visit Baptist Hospital's website at or call 615-284-BABY (2229).

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