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Men’s Health Month: Is it Low T? 5 signs your testosterone is low

Just like with other hormone levels there is a magic range that a man’s body keeps his testosterone level within throughout his life. When the levels fall below the proper range, the brain signals for the testicles to make more testosterone. If a man has low levels of testosterone, he has Low T.  

Low T can occur when there is a signaling error between the brain and the testes, if the body doesn’t detect the lower levels of testosterone (therefore failing to signal the testes to make more) or if there is a defect in the testes limiting their ability to make the correct amount of testosterone.  

Men suffering from Low T may experience a reduced sex drive, decreased energy, body changes (such as reduced muscle mass, increased breast size, loss of body and facial hair and decreased bone density), mood changes and sexual dysfunction.  

Testosterone replacement therapy is the most common treatment option for Low T. The FDA has approved several forms of replacement therapy including gels, patches, injections, buccal tablet and pellets. Talk to your doctor and together you can decide if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you. 

Consult your physician if you are having one or more of the symptoms above.  Don’t have a primary care physician? Call 1-800-DOCTORS for a free physician referral. 

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