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Summer gear to beat the heat

Are you looking for a way to stay cool this summer, while still enjoying the outdoor sports you love? Summer brings a wide variety of sporting activities for all ages. However, it’s also responsible for daunting heat. From May all the way until September, the weather is hot and the humidity is high. 

“It’s challenging for individuals to stay cool and protected from the sun during the summer,” said Dr. Jessica Butts, a family physician with Middle Tennessee Medical Group. “That’s why knowing how to dress for the heat is very important.” 

Dr. Butts recommends wearing cotton, linen and other natural fibers because they “breathe” and absorb moisture from the skin, helping you stay cool. But steer clear of polyester and nylon, as these fabrics tend to trap heat. Wearing lighter colors that reflect the sunlight (instead of absorbing it) will also help keep you cool. 

Looking for a high tech way to beat the heat? Many companies offer clothing that is specifically enhanced to promote protection from the sun and prevent overheating. A few examples include: 

  • ColdBlack material: Products with ColdBlack material utilize newtechnology to prevent dark-colored clothing from absorbing heat, so it acts like light-colored clothing. 
  • Sun Sleeves: These are special sleeves that protect the arms and hands from sun exposure. They also help you stay cool by wicking away sweat.  
  • Air Flow Hats: These hats have a sun-protection rating of 15 UPF. They are highly ventilated. 
  • Clothing with ventilation panels: Having ventilation panels on athletic clothing helps air circulate close to your skin, evaporating sweat and whisking away heat in the process.   

Keeping your body at the right temperature this time of year is important for your health. Stay safe by making good decisions about what to wear when you go out in the heat. 

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