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It's hot! 5 tips for preventing heat rash

Dr. Jennifer Rayburn, internal medicine practitioner for Saint Thomas Health, recommends the following tips for preventing heat rash.

  • Keep the heat down in your showers
  • Wash with fragrance-free and dye-free body cleansers
  • Avoid using lotions, powders and creams that you would usually use
  • Avoid going outside in the heat of the day; if you are going to go out try to get out early (before noon) or later in the afternoon
  • Wear loose fitted clothing
    • Linen and lightweight cotton outfits allow your skin to breathe rather than trapping the moisture and heat against your skin

Don’t have a primary care physician? Call 1-800-Doctors for a free physician referral or call 615-284-1450 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rayburn. 

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