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Doc Talk: The estrogen controversy with Dr. Kristina McCain

Finally – your period is over.  No more cramps, headaches and mood swings.  Now you get to deal with the hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, sleep problems and mood swings associated menopause.  The most common treatment, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), is controversial.  While considered the best treatment when menopause symptoms are severe, there are also risks.  

According to Dr. Kristina McCain, gynecologist with Women’s Health Specialists of Middle Tennessee, women should consider all of their options and talk through them with their physician before making a final decision.  Studies have shown a slight increased risk of breast and uterine cancer, and heart attack or stroke in some women on HRT.  This is risk is decreased when estrogen and progesterone are used or if the woman has had a hysterectomy.  

If HRT is not the right option for you, you doctor can prescribe other options such as:

  • Antidepressants to help with mood and sleep problems
  • Individual treatments for each symptom
  • Herbal remedies 

Luckily, most menopausal symptoms will subside over time. 

If you are having trouble with menopause, call 615.565.6872 to schedule an appointment with Dr. McCain.

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