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6 tips for treating food poisoning

So you’ve been hit with a case of food poisoning. Now what? Lori Black, nutritionist for Saint Thomas West Hospital, suggests the following. 

First. If you can link your food poisoning to seafood or mushrooms, call 911 immediately. 

Control what you ingest post-poisoning. Avoid solid foods until vomiting ends, then gradually incorporate bland foods. 

Stay hydrated. You’re losing a lot of fluids and need to combat that loss with even more fluid. Water is best, and try to avoid caffeinated beverages. 

Take a probiotic as this may help your body digest foods. Probiotics are “good” microorganisms that benefit the digestive system. The most popular food containing probiotics is yogurt. Probiotic supplements are also available in capsules, tablets and other forms at the drug store. 

Rest. Your body is working hard to get you better, so help it along by resting frequently. 

If diarrhea persists past three days, a fever develops, vomiting persists or dehydration sets in, contact your doctor.   

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