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Should you quit or play through an injury: 3 questions to ask yourself

Unfortunately, injury can be a part of playing sports. While stories of NBA players returning to the court just days after a major injury or playing with the flu are inspiring, the everyday athlete might not want to push their body that far.

“Your body needs time to recover,” said Dr. John Williams with Nashville Medical Group at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital. “If you continue to push your body while injured you may do permanent damage.”

To decide whether to play through or take a break, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I bleeding? If yes, stop.
  • Is the area swollen? If yes, stop.
  • Is the pain dull and nagging or sharp and shooting? If it’s sharp and shooting, stop. Even if it’s only a dull pain, pay close attention to it and stop immediately if it gets worse.

Always use your best judgment when playing sports. If you are hurt, it’s better to play it safe and stop. Continuing to play could lead to a more severe injury and longer recovery time.

If you are suffering from a sports related injury and would like to consult a physician, call 615-284-1450 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Williams.

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