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Is your child being bullied?

As school has been in session for a few months now, the kids have had time to settle into their daily routines.  Are you talking to your kids about their day?  Are you involved in their day to day experience at school?  Have you noticed anything different; different behavior / attitude in your child?  If so, your child may be a victim of bullying.  Below are a few signs to pay attention to:

  1. Is your child coming home hungry or missing any of their belongings like clothing, school supplies, accessories? 
  2. Is your child running directly to the bathroom when you get home from school?
  3. Is your child moody, anxious, or upset?  Are they having trouble sleeping and very clingy to you in the morning and at night?

All of these are just a few signs that your child is being bullied.  To learn more visit  Don’t let your child be a victim.  Be there for your child and help them through this so they will know the right way to handle it.

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