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Dumping the Holiday Pounds

With all of the cookies and holiday leftovers having cycled out of the pantry and refrigerator, you’re likely left with nothing but their sweet memory in your waistline. As the saga for every New Year goes, it’s time to dump those holiday pounds. So what can you do to jumpstart those weight loss goals? 

  1. Seriously, get rid of the leftovers. If you’ve managed to bury a few cookies in the freezer only to be dug up later, do yourself a favor and kill the temptation now.
  2. Replace the cookie with a carrot. Maybe it won’t be so satisfying at first, but you’ll grow a fondness to its healthy taste, and become thankful for its more positive bodily effects.
  3. Hit the trails. The air is clear and the scenery is great! Plus, your body really craves a little movement and exercise.
  4. Kill the greed, kill the pounds. A single portion is enough, and anything beyond that is just excessive. 

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