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Five things you’re not doing that can improve your health


  1. Drink tea daily. Herbal, green, oolong and red, these are just a few types of tea that carry bountiful benefits for your body. From soothing eczema itches to improving complexion, tea is a wonderful and natural supplement.
  2. A banana a day keeps the high blood pressure away. Well, potassium does that, but a banana is an excellent source of it!
  3. Use a neti pot. If you struggle with sinus problems, consider a daily saline solution to flush out pollutants.
  4. Keep the small talk. It’s proven to help mental function and preserve memory.
  5. Wash your hands. As elementary as it may sound, most of us don’t wash our hands nearly as often as we should. If we want to keep those colds away, this is a great first defense.

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