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When Motivation Stops

It’s a new year and you’re likely looking forward to ushering in a brand new you, right? Motivation, while perhaps is still in high gear, will begin to dwindle sooner rather than later. So what do you do when you really want to make those new habits stick? 

  1. Break the big goal into smaller, benchmark goals. The larger goal can often be daunting, but by breaking it in to pieces, it becomes much more achievable over time.
  2. Utilize the saying, “one thing leads to another” by creating triggers for yourself. For instance, commit to going for a jog as soon as you come home from work or having your quiet time immediately following breakfast.
  3. Keep it fun! No one wants to do something that doesn’t have some component of fun to it. If your resolution is to work out three days a week, find a friend to join you and make it a social thing. 

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