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Calming the child who fears shots

Shots. There are presumably few words that can conjure up such tears from a child as this. Regardless of how beneficial getting a shot may be, it doesn’t help in soothing a child’s fear of that uncomfortable prick. The next time you have to take a visit to the doctor’s office, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help dry those tears.  

  1. Keep calm. Your child feeds off of your energy, so if you’re unnerved, they likely will be as well.
  2. Avoid the lines. Nothing heightens emotion like anticipation. Try to schedule vaccines somewhere you know will not have an excessive line.
  3. Sing songs together. Nothing helps to distract like a fun sing-a-long.  
  4. Offer a fun reward. Give your child a goal and something to look forward to after the less-than-exciting visit to the doctor.

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