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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: Coping with Chemo

As we celebrate Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Kristina McCain, Gynecology and Women's Preventative Health at Saint Thomas Women's Health Specialists, shares these guidelines for coping with the common side-effects of cancer treatment.

  • Fatigue: Prioritize your tasks and remind yourself that you don’t have to get everything done in one day. Ask friends and family to help with household chores and more strenuous tasks.
  • Feeling nauseated: Drink clear liquids such as apple juice, tea or flat ginger ale. Eat smaller meals at more frequent intervals rather than a few big meals.
  • In general, proper nutrition is important while undergoing treatment for cancer. Eating healthfully will keep you feeling strong during treatment. Specifically, patients undergoing chemotherapy may experience appetite changes.
  • Chemotherapy can effect brain function, including concentration, memory and cognition. One way to cope with these issues is to rely on the support of your physicians, family, friends, counselors and support groups.

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