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Youthful aging

It’s no secret. You age on a daily basis, and there’s nothing you can do to turn back time. You can, however, help your body maintain a more youthful vigor by putting more attention to your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits. 

  • Get to moving! Working out releases endorphins to keep you in a better mood and keeps your body’s physical condition in better shape.
  • Engage your mind. Your brain needs to be exercised just as much as your body does. Pick up a crossword puzzle, start a new hobby that requires you to learn a new skill. Don’t give up on your brain, and it won’t give up on you!
  • Eat healthily to maintain good energy and health. Fill your plate with a good combination of color and a variety of choices, but don’t feel up on unnecessary sugars or excess sodium.
  • Sleep well. The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be stressed enough. Your body and your mind need this to keep you going day after day.  

If you don’t have a primary care physician, call 1-800-DOCTORS or visit for a free physician referral. 

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