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Alcohol Awareness Month: April

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and with the verdict on Justin Bieber’s January charges for driving under the influence (along with a handful of other charges) to come to a close soon, here are a few reminders of alcohol's affects on the body:


Alcohol disrupts the brain’s communication pathways, which can change a person’s mood and behavior, simultaneously skewing thought processes and coordination.


Consuming too much alcohol can negatively affect the heart, with the potential to raise triglycerides (fats), increase blood pressure, increase chances of heart failure and lead to higher caloric intake. 


Alcohol can increase the risk for oxidative stress, a chemical reaction that can lead to scarring and inflammation, and increase the amount of toxins that are remain in to the body.    

Alchohol consumption in moderation is acceptable; the Centers for Disease Control defines moderation as 1 drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day for men.  Remember that it is never safe to drink and drive, so please designate a driver if you are going to drink. 

Know that everyone reacts differently to alcohol and your doctor may offer different reccomendations based on your lifestyle and diet.  To make an appointment with a physician to learn more about recommendations for you regarding healthy levels of consumption, please make an appointment with one of our primary care providers at any of our convenient locations here:

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