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Nothing Shall Be Impossible

Listen up! 7 tips for healthy ears.

Overall health is important and often times we may overlook the ears -- so listen up! Dr. Linda McCafferty with Middle Tennessee Medical Group has some important tips for keeping your ears healthy this summer and all year round.

  • Clean your ears with extra care. Wipe the outer ear with a washcloth or tissue. Do not put anything into your ear smaller than your elbow. Do not use Q-tips, bobby pins or sharp pointed objects to clean your ears. These objects may injure the ear canal or eardrum.
  • Earwax is the ear's mechanism for self-cleaning. If you have a build-up of wax that is blocking your hearing, see your doctor to have it removed.
  • If you experience itching or pain in your ears, consult with your primary care physician to determine the appropriate treatment and to determine if you need to see a specialist.
  • If you have pierced ears, clean your earrings and earlobes regularly with rubbing alcohol.
  • When outdoors in sunny weather, remember to use a sunscreen on your ears.
  • If you notice unusual bumps or scaly areas on the exterior ear, consult your physician.
  • See an ear doctor immediately if you injure your ears, experience ear pain, or notice changes in your ears or hearing. 
To schedule an appointment with Dr. McCafferty, visit or call 615-895-3233.
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